How Viktor Orban degraded Hungary’s weak democracy

2019 1 11 orbanprotests 310x165 - How Viktor Orban degraded Hungary's weak democracy

The roots of democracy in Hungary are shallow. That’s been especially clear in the last nine years, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban has created a repressive and increasingly authoritarian state, operating under a pretense of democracy. In recent weeks the political situation has become volatile. By early 2019 the Hungarian …

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This Nicaraguan journalist is still reporting in exile

2019 01 11 nicaragua 310x165 - This Nicaraguan journalist is still reporting in exile

Nicaraguan police raided one of the last remaining independent media outlets in the country in December 2018. The increasingly authoritarian government of President Daniel Ortega is desperate to silence anyone who dares to challenge them, calling the opposition "terrorists." When Nicaragua’s Sandinista Revolution overthrew dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979, Ortega, …

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No, the president can’t destroy records. Here’s why.

011118 cristaramosprotest 1 310x165 - No, the president can't destroy records. Here's why.

On Saturday, The Washington Post reported US President Donald Trump confiscated notes that his interpreter made during a 2017 meeting in Hamburg with Vladimir Putin that also was attended by then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Trump also told the interpreter not to talk to other administration officials about what was …

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